The Dinner Party

After a hiatus, it's blissfully back: the opportunity to host dinner parties again. Here's everything you need to do dinner parties, the Fable way—three courses, tips, tunes, and a delightful cocktail to kick off an evening your guests won't soon forget.

Confetti Salad and Family Tomato Salad by Mila Franovic
Mila Franovic

The Sides

Stylist and casting director behind Legends Cafe, a Vancouver-based talent agency, Mila has been cultivating a close relationship with food since childhood. She’s well known for her aptitude for food, often hosting dinner parties where simple, natural, and locally sourced ingredients steal the show—many of which she grows herself—and each dish is artfully plated and adorned with seasonal edible flowers.

For Mila, it’s all about community; bringing people together through food. We teamed up to bring you two simple yet striking salads to brighten up your dinner party table.

Confetti Salad & Family Tomato Salad

Add a pop of color to the tabletop with two beautiful salads—one bright and crisp, the other sweet and tangy, both best served with a crusty loaf of sourdough.

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The Sounds

Fable Audio 005

Calm the pre-hosting jitters with Mila's soothing blend of country, folk, and twangy blues.

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