Our Flatware

Northern Region, Portugal

Our flatware is crafted in Caldas das Taipas by the Herdmar family, who has been producing cutlery since 1911. We were welcomed into their bustling facility with warm hellos from everyone, most of whom were siblings and cousins. This family-owned environment, and Herdmar’s strong commitment to sustainability, made them a natural fit for Fable.

The Details Matter

When you set foot inside Herdmar’s headquarters, the attention to detail is palpable. The family-owned practice crafts quality pieces with expert knowledge that has passed down through generations. Watch our behind-the-scenes video to see where the metalwork magic happens.

The Materials

Much like their business, the quality metals produced by the Herdmar family are built to stand the test of time. The 18/10 stainless steel is locally sourced, and Fable cutlery is 3.5mm thick, giving each piece a dense and perfectly weighted feel.

The Process

After preparation of the raw materials, our flatware is carefully shaped and pressed before being stamped with our signature Fable logo. The polishing stage comes next, followed by quality control where each knife, fork, and spoon is reviewed with meticulous attention to detail.

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