Glassware Set 4 tall glasses and 4 short glasses #clear
Glassware Set 4 tall glasses and 4 short glasses #clear

Glassware Set

Tall Soda lime glassware from Japan #clear
Tall Soda lime glassware from Japan #clear

The Tall Glasses

Short Glasses #clear
Short Glasses #clear

The Short Glasses


About Our Products

Made in Japan, our soda-lime glassware is lightweight, scratch-resistant, and durable enough for everyday use—and complements any table setting without stealing the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your glassware made?

The Tall and Short Glasses are crafted in Tokyo, Japan at a glassware maker with roots that stretch back more than 120 years. It was designed to complement all things Fable, and looks just as good on the kitchen shelves as it does on the table.

What is your glassware made from?

Our soda-lime glassware is crafted from high-grade soda-lime glass, and toughened using an ion-toughening technique that makes it 1.6 times stronger than non-toughened glass.

Is your glassware dishwasher safe?

Yes. When loading into the dishwasher, be sure to leave ample space around each piece to ensure that nothing is touching. Glassware likes a little breathing room to prevent it from scratching.

Is your glassware sustainable?

Our glassware facility in Japan uses 50% recycled glass cullet from the crushing of post-consumer glass to produce the Tall and Short glasses.

How do I keep my glassware looking its best?

To prevent a dull, cloudy film from forming on your glassware, try using a quality dish detergent, rinse aid, or white vinegar in your dishwasher. If your glassware becomes cloudy, try soaking it in plain white vinegar for 15 minutes to revive its optimum shine.