The Nest

Hosting, plating, and recipe tips we love that will elevate your dining experience.

Changing Seasons, Changing Table

Becky Brauer, co-founder at Fresh Prep, tells us why she loves fall and how she reflects the season in and out of her kitchen.

Our Go-To Fired Sambuca Prawns

Your new go-to dish. It's shareable, dippable, and you light it on fire. What more can you ask for?

Charcuterie Boards Made Brie-zy

With #foodgoals trending, we’re here to help you make the most delicious (and Instagrammable) charcuterie board.

Different Types of Plate Garnishes

Step up your dinner game with garnishes—from berries to herbs, vegetables, and more.

Serving Platter for One

There are many ways to use serving platters—even when dining solo. Here's how to use one for just you.

Dinnerware Guide: Stoneware vs. Bone China

Discover the difference between Portuguese dinnerware and bone china. The answer may surprise you.

Plating Tips for Breakfast in Bed

A relaxing breakfast in bed always makes for a special treat. Here's how to prep and plate it.

Plate Garnishing Tips for Special Occasions

You don't need to be a chef to garnish your meals. Enhance and elevate any dish for a special occasion with these tips.

The True Cost of Setting the Table

Everyone needs dinnerware, but not everyone knows how much they should be paying for it.

The Best Bowls for Mise en Place

We’re big fans of mise en place. Here are the best bowls to help make recipe prep and cooking beautiful dishes a breeze.

French Design and Mise en Place

Take a trip to France, from the comfort of your own home.

What Makes Our Dinnerware Premium?

Here's how our pieces are made, what makes our dinnerware special, and how we dine and gather in style.