Together with Family: Becky Wallace

By Natalie Gitt
Together with Family: Becky Wallace

When stylist Becky Wallace borrowed her mother’s camera a few years ago, something unexpected happened: she discovered her creative calling. Since then, she’s turned her passion for designing and capturing visual stories into a part-time gig; she’s even transformed the garage of the beautiful New Brunswick home she shares with her husband and son into a studio space.

Together with her family, we invited Becky to create and capture an intimate meal around the Serving Ceramics Set. On the menu: a family-favorite vegetarian pad thai, basil gimlets with gin and elderflower liqueur, and raspberry crullers for dessert.

“The situation of the world doesn’t allow for many gatherings these days, but I think it’s just as important to make delicious meals for yourself or your household and to add special touches as you would for guests. Flowers are a staple on my table!”



“I love making one pot warming meals this time of year—they’re comforting! My preference is small intimate dinner parties that allow for real conversation and a sense of ease around the table. I also love preparing a meal family-style.” 



“Taking time to be with others and to connect is an act of love! My parents have always shown their love through preparing and serving food, and I love to do the same for my family. Love is giving your full attention to the conversation around the table, sharing moments about the day, and laughing together.”



Becky’s Pick


“My favorite is the Oval Serving Platter. I really love the shape and the size! It's smaller than most platters I have, and it's perfect for serving desserts or appetizers. I can see myself reaching for this platter a lot when plating meals.”


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* Interview has been lightly condensed.