Fall Hosting with Olivia Muniak

By Natalie Gitt

Olivia Muniak knows a thing or two about hosting. A chef and entertaining expert based in Los Angeles, she’s made a name for herself through her signature dinner parties and brand events where every detail is beautifully curated—from the menu to the cocktails to the decor.

With fall hosting season in full swing, we tapped Olivia for her top hosting tips, from napkin folding technique right through to baked apples in amaretto for dessert.

“I always found cooking to be a very soothing pastime. I was searching for a community in LA and I thought a Supper Club would be a great way to connect with people,” she says.

“Food is our greatest unifier; it brings people together. There’s a seat for everyone at the table.”

“With every new season, there are all these new tastes and flavors that you’re able to embrace,” she says. “With fall in particular, what you’re eating can double as decor. In spring and summer, you put yourself outdoors, but fall is the one season where the outdoors comes in.”

When it comes to decor, she looks to richer textures, warmer tones, and what’s in season. “It gets very moody come fall and winter; the colors become more subdued. Everything becomes candle lit, you can use more texture on the table,” she says.

“I love to put big branches all over the home. You can get beautiful squash, gourds, and root vegetables and use them on the table. You’ve got all these deep reds and rich colors that are mirrored in the food you’re serving.”

Olivia’s number one hosting tip? Don’t skip an aperitivo hour. “You don’t have to put a lot of effort into serving traditional aperitivo, just a light snack—nuts, olives, a little bit of cheese. Nothing that’s going to spoil a meal, but something to tide guests over,” she says.

“Plan for 30-45 minutes to have a drink with your friends to settle in, then hop right back into the kitchen. If you plan to sit down and have a drink with guests when you’re not busy cooking, it really welcomes people into your home—they don’t feel like they have to jump in and help, or like they’re intruding.”

Lastly, if things don’t go as planned, don’t stress it. “I always say, if you burn it or mess it up, you can throw out the food and order pizza. It’ll be that really funny time where you had this fabulous dinner party, set the table perfectly, and you ate pizza.”

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