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Delicate to the touch, durable at its core. Crafted at a facility that’s been perfecting the art of glassmaking for over 120 years, our premium Japanese glassware is built to stand the test of time.

Glassware Set 4 tall glasses and 4 short glasses #clear

Glassware Set

$169.00 | 8 pcs
in multiple colors
Tall Soda lime glassware from Japan #clear

The Tall Glasses

$100.00 | 4 pieces
Short Glasses #clear

The Short Glasses

$88.00 | 4 pieces

The strong, silent type.

Don’t be fooled by its delicate look and lightweight feel. A special 
ion-toughening technique makes our glassware 1.6 times stronger than untreated glass, giving it near-shatterproof strength and a resistance to scratching.

Sleek and sophisticated.

With clean, straight lines and ultra-thin design, our soda-lime glassware adapts seamlessly to any setting without stealing the show. As a bonus, the Tall Glasses nest neatly into the Short Glasses for simple storage.

Sustainable, too.

Each piece is lead-free, and made with 50% broken or waste glass that’s recycled in-house. Sip easy with glassware that feels as good on your conscience as it does in your hand.

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